6. Preparation

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” -Abraham Lincoln

Over the last 24 hours it seems every news break I heard on the radio was about a gigantic snow storm that is supposed to hit the East Coast today.  The first half of each report talks about the magnitude of how powerful this force of nature could be and the second half of the stories seem to detail how everyone is preparing for the worst case scenario.  I sure hope that everyone who is touched by this storm is safe and protected thanks to the ability for science to predict such a massive event, without such a warning some storms seem to be so devastating mostly due to a lack of preparation.

Throughout life it seems that most of the biggest storms that we face in our lives are ones that come out of nowhere as well.  They deal out extreme pain due to a lack of preparation on how to cleanup the aftermath.  When we lose friends or relationships, jobs or dreams, the most painful ones arrive without a chance to see them coming.  It is hard to forecast anything in life since so much that goes happens, some would say all of it, is outside of our immediate control.  What we do have control over is the how prepared we are to cope with the inevitable storms that come through.

When life is going well and everything seems to be just the way it is supposed to be I often find myself pulling back on the time that I spend trying to grow.  I find myself getting lazy in relationships and responsibilities then seemingly out of the blue something painful comes my way and I am running around trying to pull everything back together.  The truth is that the out of the blue moments come when I let up on the things that keep me connected to the universe and the people about it.  I know today that storms can come at any time and if I am not doing something each day to grow I will find myself overwhelmed by the challenges that life has to offer me.  I choose to grow today, to put in the time to get a bit better, understand a little more and prepare for the changes that life is bringing me.

Affirmation:  I am working on myself today to be the best I can be tomorrow.

Call To Action:  No matter what our circumstances are, today is the perfect day to grow.  Find a place in your life where the leavey is a bit weak and do what you can to fortify it.  Please share your experiences with us below.

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