The Beginning

Late one Thursday night it all began in a living room in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Four men sitting around discussing life, and what we can do in the moment to live a better life tomorrow.  The discussions included some videos such Tim Tebow and Leo Buscaglia. For all the non-football fans, Tim Tebow and the Florida Gators did not lose another game that season and finished as the BCS National Champions. Thursday night turned into Friday morning and the energy was flowing through everyone present. Like a bolt of lightning had struck the house someone exclaimed “What is today?” and without missing a beat the answer came forth with no hesitation “Change Your Life Friday!” What started as four men trying to help each other, became a weekly challenge among roommates, and is now a website that can hopefully help others.

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10 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. GREAT LAUNCHING LIZARDS! The site is up! Good job. I will be sending its link to lots of folks I know – guys and gals. Did I say, “Good Job”? 🙂

  2. Hey Cyl,

    Site is amazing keep up the great work. I tried to email but seamed to not send. Hope you get this. Talk soon


  3. This is such a great site and I am looking forward to reading more stories and affirmations!!! What day is it? It’s change your life Friday!!! I love it!!!

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