Day 1 of 40 Days of Gratitude (35 Days Actually)

Good Day Everyone! We are back with another round of gratitude leading up to Thanksgiving. It was going to be 40 days, but it snuck up on us and that leaves us starting on a Friday (which we always love) and gives us 35 days. It seems appropriate to start the first day with a definition, etymology, and gratitude list.

Definition – The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Etymology – mid-15c., “good will,” from Middle French gratitude (15c.) or directly from Medieval Latin gratitudinem (nominative gratitudo) “thankfulness,” from Latin gratus “thankful, pleasing” (from suffixed form of PIE root *gwere- (2) “to favor”). Meaning “thankfulness” is from 1560s.

  1. I am grateful to spend the day with my grandmother.
  2. I am grateful for Fleetwood.
  3. I am grateful for a warm place to sleep and wake up to.
  4. I am grateful for people that have helped me in my life.
  5. I am grateful for technology.

Day 40 – Thanksgiving

Below are gratitude lists from everyone that contributed over the last 40 days. Please enjoy and share your gratitude lists in the comments.

This has been a year of many transitions. And though some of them have been heartbreaking in the moment – I have to say that I am grateful for these changes. These changes have allowed me to grow spiritually and emotionally. These changes have pushed me to “show up” in authentic loving support of family. And most importantly these changes have allowed me to learn to receive kindness and compassion in return. I am grateful for kindness and compassion.
Thank you CYLF crew for allowing me to participate in 40 Days of Gratitude.

As 2016 comes to a close, I can’t help but reflect on this year – the highs and lows, the emotional rollercoaster that it’s been. I am thankful for new friends who have surrounded me with love, understanding, kindness and laughter. For old friends who have reached out to me, given me advice, and fortified me when I needed it most. For the roof over my head and the long, winding, stressful journey that brought me here. I am grateful for my hospice patients who have taught me how to live a full life and how to die with grace and dignity. And for the homeless that I am privileged to feed, as they constantly teach me humility. I am thankful for my mentors who provide valued career advice and for my parents, biological and not, who provide the life advice I desperately need. I am grateful for the lessons I’ve learned, for the great people who have come into my life, and for the acorn. I am so appreciative of the opportunity to express myself on this platform and share this brief message of Thanksgiving with you, the CYLF community.
Love and Peace,

With a bleeding heart, I give thanks
For all the joy, destruction and rebirth of the last year
For the warm, meditative sands of Waikiki
For the barren, magical vistas of Iceland
For the goodbyes of well-known hallways, offices and faces
For the pain of a jet black lotus, forever inked
For the tears I couldn’t stop shedding over Philly, my home of 7 years
For the indescribable, overwhelming love when my friends yelled, surprise
For the late nights lost in dance
For the words shared in backyards, backstreets and beds
For the peace found in books, forests and candles
For the laughter my dog rips out of me when I don’t want to smile
For the long drive through America’s fields, mountains, deserts and canyons
For the friends that are my family and the family that are my friends
For the songs that made me shiver
For the strangeness of Shanghai and watching it’s sunset
For the moments when everything you know fails you and you fall on your face
For the call to action to be braver than you knew possible
For the capacity for compassion, that has always been my sword and shield
For the ones that have been awoken and the ones still asleep
With a bleeding heart, I give thanks
For all the joy, destruction and rebirth of the last year
I hope that I never stop listening, learning and growing
In love, with love, for love.

Today I’m grateful for my life.
I’m grateful for being able to wake up healthy and happy.
I’m grateful for my ability to work and to rise up in my industry.
I’m grateful for the future and the idea that I can handle good or bad whatever comes my way.
I’m grateful for my friends who know better and call me on my shit, or call me when they know I need it.
I’m grateful for my wife and all that she does for us.
I’m grateful for my kids.
I’m grateful that every day is different.
I’m grateful for cinema, music and art. Creating it and experiencing it.
I’m grateful that I was invited to be a part of this and got the chance to look at the blessings in my life!

My gratitude has been laid out on this site for the last 40 days. I am grateful to be in the habit of writing again. I am grateful for everyone in my life today. With the end of 2016 coming to an end, I am especially grateful to be walking through the end of grief.

Day 39…

Day 39

The culmination of our season is almost here. This is usually when things are the craziest so lets pause and look back on how far we have come. Let us not miss the moment by being hung up in the race.

In this moment I pause to reflect on what I have done.

Gratitude List





Day 38 (40 Days of Gratitude)

Listen to yourself and others!

I am grateful for my ability to listen to my inner GPS. I do not always take action and follow it, but today I can hear it. Connected to that, I can listen to what other people tell me. It might be their words, and it might be their actions, but I can hear them loud and clear. When my intuition is trusted, a grateful life unfolds.

Today I communicate with myself and others, listening is a beautiful gift.

Gratitude List:

Day 37 – 40 Days of Gratitude

Looking ahead…

For most of us this is going to be a full couple of days that culminates into our ultimate day of gratitude that we get to spend with family and friends.  The prayer has always been to build more and more gratitude so that we have nothing but gratitude to give on Thanksgiving.  I think this is just a slice of what I should be looking forward to in all of my days, from this point and beyond.  Very often when you ask someone their goals, they seem to be financial or material both of which are fine goals to have and certainly provide direction and structure to a life.  This process and season that we are in remind me that what I want is a life full of gratitude for the path I am on, the people that I relate to and the things that I have now.  So looking ahead I know that these daily practices are the simple things that will keep this goal a reality.

Today is a perfect day for me to continue to add to my tower of gratitude.

Gratitude list







Day 36 (40 Days of Gratitude)

I was reminded of the power of circles this evening. During my life some of the most powerful conversations I have had, occurred in circles. These circles sometimes consisted of people I knew, sometimes strangers, but usually a mix. I am grateful for the intial lesson, and today’s reminder.

Today I take time to circle up with others and have meaningful conversations.

Gratitude List:

Day 35 – 40 Days of Gratitude


I woke up this morning and the first thing I remembered was that I missed posting yesterday.  So this post is for self forgiveness and better late than never.  It is a bit after 6am on Sunday and the result was that my day is started with an active thought about my loving community and gratitude in general. On this list of things that I already had today I am going to add one more and take some quality time to recharge and refresh.  Yesterday I robbed myself of that chance so in the breath of self forgiveness today I will not do the same. Thank you life.

Today I am grateful that the sun will rise and I can assemble some of the pieces from yesterday.

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Day 34 of 40 days of Gratitude

img_1530In this day and age, when we are inundated with technology, I remain grateful this morning. I did a FaceTime chat with my baby, who I don’t get to see as often as I would like. Which is fantastic when you’re working long hours and you leave the house before the baby wakes up, get home after the baby goes to sleep, a nice little FaceTime in the middle of the day or in the early morning really helps us stay connected. Yesterday, I had a group text going with coworkers that I worked on a long project with and I haven’t seen any of them in over a year. We were able to reminisce, share pictures and caught up on each other’s lives, it was perfect. I’m grateful today for my ability to stay connected with my family and friends.

What are you grateful for, or how does our tech help you stay connected?

Day 33 (40 Days of Gratitude)

Help each other out, lift each other up, be generous; this is what makes my heart grateful today. Yesterday I had the chance to listen to a great interview, and participate in a conversation with a dear friend, and both reminded me of this idea of attempting to be a Good Samaritan. If I can be helpful to others every day, even for just a moment, it was a great day!

Today I come together with those around me, helping one another out.

Gratitude List: