Day 1 (40 days of Gratitude)

What is True?

Over the past several years, this has become a question that I ask of myself fairly often and I pose to others when struggles, loss and confusion arise in our lives. I ask this simple question again and again in search of an answer that is not clouded by fears, resentments and delusions. I have found that at the core of every problem or issue there is a peace and direction but too often I will not slow down long enough to know it.

One thing I am certain is True is that if I am able to read this or write this I am a living, breathing miracle.

If I can for a moment recognize the miracle of life that is bestowed upon me AND capitalize on that and write down a few things that I know are True and that I am grateful for, then I know today was well lived.

Today I will begin this season of gratitude by expressing a grateful attitude.

Gratitude List

(Please share with the CYLFriday community somethings on your gratitude list in the comments.)

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