Day 2 (40 days of Gratitude)


After an event on Saturday afternoon, an acquaintance and stranger needed a ride home. During the ride, the “stranger” and I discovered we had mutual friends from different parts of the country. It turned out we have been involved with the same community and shared similar positive attitudes. It was a great opportunity to connect with two people on a much deeper level just after a few minutes of conversation.

Today my gratitude is coming from a place that honors each and every connection I have made in my life. The ones that have last 30 seconds, and the ones that have lasted 30 years. Thank you Life!

My gratitude list today will consist of those connections I make and remake today.

Today I take time to feel the love and gratitude of connection in my life.

(Please share with the CYLFriday community something on your gratitude list in the comments.)

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