“Right near da beach. Boy-eeee!” – Thurgood JenkinsHalf Baked

When I was in the Navy I learned a wonderful cure for when things seemed to be going “wrong,” and the remedy was to go to the beach. I have not lived in a beach town since I got out of the Navy, but I try and go to the ocean as much as possible. It is a truly peaceful place, a kind of natural occurring Zendo for myself.

Today it dawned on me that I had spent 48 hours in San Diego, and I had not been to the beach. Instead of it being my first stop, I had completely forgot a beach was close by. My mind was occupied with the whirlwind of thoughts about where I was going to stay, and how I was going to produce an income.

As I was eating lunch, I was reminded where I was. I took a couple hours out of my job search and house hunt to get my feet wet, listen to the symphony of the waves, and pick up a couple seashells. It took all of about 5 minutes to remember why I wanted to move to a town with a beach close by. Returning to my center, I was able to observe nature’s beauty, think of people I care about, and contemplate about what is important in my life today.

Affirmation: Peace and harmony surround me right now. I embrace this feeling and share it with others.

Call to Action: Share with the CYLF community where you find your center.


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