“Seek ye first the good things of the mind, and the rest will either be supplied or its loss will not be felt?” – Francis Bacon

There is no doubt that my life can start to change in ways that I am not forecasting or expecting at a moments notice.  I find comfort and pattern in some of the things that were always so challenging and that kept me in a constant state of change.  Before I know it I am no longer seeking any change and my trajectory has leveled out.  What I do know is that the moment I reinstate that drive for the new and unknown wisdom or love change comes at once and it feels like a cleansing bath of gods love.

Last night I went out seeking some of the good that is in the world and I found it.  I put fourth effort of mind, body and spirit and I was granted a peace that I had been lacking for a little bit of time.   I added what is good and positive to my experience and there was no room for the negative or bad.

This life is a trip and as I continue to be blessed with another day of consciousness I hope to never forget that the mystery and wonder of today are in the effort made right now to see it.  This is the most incredible moment of my life because it is now and it is now that I can see, hear and feel the love of the universe giving back to me as I earnestly seek it with my heart.

Affirmation Today I seek the light in all things then I spread that light to overcome the darkness.

Call to Action If you followed me this far today, follow a little further…  Find your direction today, seek deeper and focus on that which is good.  Love is all around you, do not allow the fears of today steal the peace love can give you in this moment.


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