2014 Thanksgiving Edition

I think it was ten years ago, or somewhere around then, that I spent Thanksgiving alone. I was working out of town and living out of a hotel. It sucked. I went to a movie theatre watched a romantic comedy and ate movie theatre nachos for Thanksgiving dinner. That also sucked. It was one of the more depressing times of my life probably the only reason I remember it was because it landed on a holiday.

This year for Thanksgiving I ate a great feast with family and friends and then went to a movie afterwards with my fiancé and her son. I am so grateful that I have a new family and a new community of people to spend the holidays with. I think about how far I’ve come and I hope that if anyone else is suffering over this holiday season they can think about what they do have instead of being stuck on the negative like I was so many years ago. At least I got those tasty movie theatre nachos, right?
– Aiden

• I am grateful for all the love from friends and family.
• I am grateful for the opportunities that I experienced professionally.
• I am grateful for the CYLF community.
• I am grateful for the peace of mind I experience today.
• I am grateful for the chance to get another day.
• I am grateful for this year’s adventures.
• I am grateful for everyone who has contributed to this site over the last 3 years.
In Gratitude,
– Dorian

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