27. First Day

“Treat my first like my last, and my last like my first” Jay-Z

Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk to two different people about their jobs. One had a work meeting that went rather oddly, and the other talked about how they have been lazy at work. I currently work at a job that I love, but in a field I have never worked in before. I was able to share some of my perspective with each person.

In the first scenario I reminded the person of the thing they can control. They really enjoy their job, and are always very enthusiastic when they talk about work. I simply reminded her that her effort and excitement are the only things she can truly control. Her boss, co-workers, and circumstances are out of here direct control, and that is ok. She gets to be the best worker possible, if that is what her choice is.

The second case my friend was talking about being lazy at work. Six months ago my response would have been “me too.” Instead I talked about not being in that mind frame because I had been at my job for less than three months. His response was “how would it look if I acted like tomorrow was my first day?” We chatted about that for a few minutes, and he decided that is how he was going to treat today.

Affirmation Today I will treat everything like it is my first time doing it. I am excited and enthusiastic about every moment.

Call To Action What would it look like to complete each task today as if it were your first and last time doing it?

1 thought on “27. First Day

  1. Read this right before going to bed. Thank you for a much needed reminder to be more enthusiastic! I will look at tomorrow in a new light.

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