26. Gratitude

Over the last week I have been fortunate to work on a marketing project for the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. We have been interviewing kids who were born under extreme circumstances and would not have been able to live if were not for Phoenix Children’s Hospital and the Donors that support it. We interviewed the families and filmed the kids doing their day-to-day activities. These activities, while most of us take for granted, are truly appreciated by these families. Playing video games, singing, dancing, playing basketball, and catch with their dads; are all so very precious. While talking with the parents, I often get goose bumps in hearing the sincerity and gratitude they have in their voice when talking about how the hospital saved their child’s life.

I know all parents are grateful to have their children and savoring those moments are precious for any family. When a child’s chances of survival are low from the time they are born and the time the doctor actually saves them through giving them a better quality of life; it elevates that preciousness to another level.

For myself it puts my life into perspective how easy I have had it. I never had to fight for my life. Life was freely given to me and I was able to enjoy it without any serious problems. Sure I went through hormonal imbalances and thought life was so hard as a child, but I never had a chance to look back and appreciate how easy it really was until now.

Call to Action: Reflect on your life and think about the blessings you had growing up. This is a chance to focus on a positive aspect of your childhood and share it with someone: a parent, a friend, or with us in the comments below.

1 thought on “26. Gratitude

  1. I am grateful for being healthy in childhood. I had the necessities of life and good role models. I was able to make intelligent health choices and to emulate successful people. I can resist finishing every gratitude statement with a “, but, “.

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