28. Roots

“All things must come to the soul from its roots, from where it is planted.” St. Teresa of Avila

Last Sunday my fiancé and I moved into our own home that we have been in the process of purchasing and planning for the last several months.  Needless to say this has been an incredibly exciting and busy week.  We did the physical moving process with extreme quickness so that we could use the truck to transport some other materials around the city before we had to return it.  There have been workers in the home all week, moving and updating this and that for us and of course there have been friends popping in to see the spot that we intend to set our roots in.

So here I sit on an early CYLFriday morning, the first in my new home.  I am starring out an eastern facing window in the front of my home, coffee in hand, watching the sun begin to peak above the roofs of the houses and trees in the distances.  Small rays of sun are beginning to sneak through this giant tree that is in my own yard and I begin to think incredible it is to be able to know that this moment is the first of what could be a lifetime of mornings writing, watching this same view.  I am in love with this moment.  I have lived in three homes, 5 rooms between  in total, traveled around in between those not really knowing where my head was going to lie but now I do.

In this moment I feel like we have begun to set the stage for a new trajectory of life that I could never before realize.  We have been planted and can begin to grow and change in new ways that were never before ever an opportunity.  I never thought that settling in a space could feel so comforting, it had always seemed like the opposite, it seemed that if I was always moving I would always be forced to change but right now I begun to see how a firm base can allow me to deepen and grow into a new and exciting direction.

Affirmation From a solid base a great structure can be built!

Call To Action Where do you currently anchor the structure that is your life?  What can be built on the foundation that you are creating in you life?

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