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I volunteer for a non-profit that really makes a difference in my community. I receive perks from this non-profit that make it worth my while, so don’t let me come off like some sort of saint, cause I’m not. I have a job that helps the overall organization in community awareness and fundraising. However my co-workers are out in the streets impacting kids, parents, and teachers on a daily basis in a positive way.


I was at a monthly meeting earlier tonight and my co-workers all shared around the room about stuff that happened in that last couple of weeks. The time they commit to reach out to these students is so worth it. These kids speak up about personal problems and get brought to the professionals (counselors, teachers). These kids may have feared speaking up before my co-workers inspired them to get the help they need. When a young person is afraid to talk to their parents or teachers about something they are going through, it’s because they are afraid of what reaction they might get. The simple act of sharing personal stories and taking the time to listen to the kids is all it takes to make that difference.


Kids aren’t the only ones afraid to talk about what’s really going on. Take the time to talk to your friends, co-workers, children, and siblings. Anyone you come in contact with may be desperate to have a sounding board, and all they need is your ear for a few moments. Make that difference. Start that conversation.


Affirmation: One person can make a difference. I can be that difference.


Call to action: Talk to at least one person today, young or old, and take the time to listen to them. Maybe you can make a difference in their life. Maybe they can make a difference in yours.


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