15. Always Open

“Status will get you nowhere.  Only an open heart will allow you to float equally between everyone.” – Mitch Albom

Yesterday is was going about my day as usual.   I stop at several houses and do sales presentations for people who are looking to do upgrades at their homes.  It was a very full day so my focus was to make all of my appointments and to keep good time.  I do my best to be present so that I can offer all the answers to each clients questions and to build rapport for all current and futrue business.

Towards the end of my day I was at a home with a client and we were discussing some of her concerns about a service that we had provided.  Throughout the conversation I could tell that there was something else much heavier on her mind.  In that moment I switched out of business mode and looked at her asking, “is everything alright?”  I am not sure if I was expecting just a stock answer but what I got was some real honesty.  This woman was going through what she considers to be the toughest time of her life and that it is getting to hard to handle.  I have learned over the years in my own life how important it is to have someone just hear you out so I listened and stayed very present for her.

As the conversation continued I asked her questions to try and help her see some of the amazing blessings that were very apparent to me, an outside observer.  I kept engaged in the conversation and my drive to stay on schedule and keep the day moving passed me by because I was being called  to serve my fellow man.  This type of circumstance comes my way every so often and if I am too stuck in worrying about myself I may never be able to get to be a part of such amazing human interactions.  By the time we finished our conversation I could tell that some of her weight was lifted and for that I m so thankful, I am also so grateful that I have developed the ability to know when and where I can be of service.

Affirmation: Today I will keep my eyes and my heart open to see and feel where I can be of service to the world around me.

Call To Action: Are you often so concerned with yourself that you don’t realize the struggles of the people around you?  I know I am.  Knowing that I am, I believe is the first step to growing past it.  Take some time today to be a little more conscious of how you are controlled by self.  In my experience, the best way of getting past damaging selfishness is to do selfless acts, so go on out in the world and give freely of you time and talents, let me know if the payment is greater than the effort.

1 thought on “15. Always Open

  1. At some point, I consider this problem as something very typical for our times. We are too much focused on ourselves, that’s sad. However, everything will change if only we do realize what’s going on. It was very nice story and it reminded me about caring of others. Thank you!

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    Have a nice day. 😉

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