26. Silence

“_______________________” – A meditating monk

Last May a friend of Change Your Life Friday made a parody and called it “Shut the %^@$ up Sunday” One of his insights included the fact that fish do not talk and they seem to get along just fine. I am joking, and I am just serious though. Silence is extremely important especially in regards to meditation and contemplation. Today let us turn inward and listen for that insight that we have not heard because we have been distracting ourselves. Our brevity today is our form of honoring silence.

Affirmation: Today I listen for profound insights that come in the form of a Universal whisper.

Call to Action: Find some time to sit, be quiet, and attempt to quiet your mind by focusing on your breath or a calming word. Be sure to try and bring silence into your personal interactions, and listen to what people are really trying to tell you. Please explain how silence touched your day in the comments.

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