25. Innate Nature

“Every child born, has innate goodness.” – Chinese Proverb

I recently had the chance to listen to a man give a talk. The majority of his talk was about out ‘innate nature’ and how that can show positively change our life. He gave multiple examples of people who would not follow this innate nature or calling within them and they would be miserable until they had the chance to follow that path. He gave an example of a judge who was always tense, moody, and just hard to get along with. When he retired he was able to finally do what he had always wanted to, but was not able to due to it not being “practical”, he became a totally different and happy man. The speaker’s own experience was similar, and he talked about how he had gone through three different professions prior to becoming a professor at a university and he now loves what he does.

I truly believe we are all born with this innate nature in our soul. I feel that innate nature is filled with goodness as the above quote mentions. What is your calling? What makes your heart sing? Last week we read about a woman who began to dance and fell in love with it. I know when I clear my mind of all the practical things in front of me, and take some time to really recognize what makes me excited about life, it is time well spent. Over the last five years I have watched people go into their professional careers, and the people that do stuff that makes their heart sing really excel in their life and in their happiness.

Affirmation: Today I listen to my calling. It comes easy and effortlessly, and my heart sings when I take action towards my innate nature.

Call to Action: Share with us a time you have listened to your calling from deep inside of you. If you have heard that Universal nudging please share with us what your first step will be to answer the call.

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