4. Stand up

We have decided to get our community involved with our mission of inspiration in a new way.  This year, the last Friday of each month a guest writer will have their submission posted.  If you have a thought, stance or story to share please send it to our email @ changeyourlifefriday@gmail.com If you feel called, please listen to the words of our first guest this week and…

4. Stand Up

Speak Truths And Never Doubt yoUr Position……S.T.A.N.D. U.P.!
by Lalli

I think it’s harder to try to fit in
Than it is to be a martyr for what you truly believe

So persecute me in the name of free speech
Throw the rocks of your verbal abuse
Lash at my skin with the words from your lips
Because I respect your freedom to use them!

Don’t hold back your uncensored opinions
Let them fly from the deepest cavern hidden behind formality
Where in the name of being “proper” is the source to your restriction
I beg for you to release them!

We come into this world without expectation
Yet, we are met with nothing but expectations

Laugh in the face of conformity
Scald the tongue of its language
Crucify the image of expectation as a symbol
A symbol of independent rebellion
Since how is a person supposed to develop as an individual
If they are constantly held to the expectations of the masses
How is a child, unique with a talent to bless the world
Ever going to find it, if it’s raised as a drone
That means that Martin Luther King, Edgar Allen Poe, Ghandi, Jesus, the Joan of Arc
Bob Marley, even Helen Keller would never have lived within the scope of famous existence
They would have never created history
If they hadn’t learned how to turn their dreams into memories
To let the nay-sayers speak with kindling words that fueled their flame
They fought for what seemed unattainable
They stared into the eye of animosities driven fear
They didn’t cower afraid of their peers but they became references of inspiration


Who with each day flew higher
Thrusting wings flapped into footsteps of advancement through the freedom of self-expression
And anyone questioning whether you should S.T.A.N.D. U.P.  for what they feel is right
Well I can think of one reason
That has more weight than many reasons equivalent to all the granules of sand on every beach and the ocean floor
Because every building will fall
Every star will fade
And although an end is inevitable it doesn’t change the impact its existence made
Live, today like you’ll never see another one
Like you won’t be able to take another breath
Quit looking for depth in the shallow end
Search underneath society’s Lilly-pad façade’s for the anchor of truth hiding out of sight
Be the phantom in the night riding a horseback guided by a lantern without a light
Listen to your hearts beat
Dance to the rhythm of your own drum
Follow your passions and have faith in the unique design of your snowflake
Trust the path in which you fall
Because you never know
You could quite possibly shine as the beacon of light that the people need
Just by being the person
you know you’re meant to be

Affirmation:  Today I will stand up for what I know is my Truth, I walk fearlessly through this day and affirm what is Right.

Call To Action:  This is an amazing day to feel what we know is true and stand for it.  Today is not a day to play small to any situation whatsoever, in fact this is the perfect day to address and stand up in the face of your fears.  By doing this you may experience some of your greatest freedoms and inspire others through your actions to stand up on their own.  Get out there and see what kinda good you can do then come back and share it with our growing community.   Thank you life!

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