33. Unconditional Love

“Find me one person who is for something and against nothing…” – Ernest Holmes

The exact date and time of when this quote entered my life is difficult to recall, however; over the last couple of months I have spent considerable time in meditation about this very subject. As I observe the world as a whole and my local community, I frequently notice people standing for something just by opposing the opposite stance. My contemplation of this topic leads me to one idea over and over, unconditional love. If I stand for unconditional love of everything, how can I be against anything?

Unconditional love, love without conditions. Is this just an ideal or a concept that can be practiced and put into action. Today, I choose to believe, that putting the practice of unconditional love into my life, will cultivate more love in all of the relationships in my life. I am not just talking about romantic ones, every single relationship I have in my life is crucial and an opportunity to strengthen and practice an unconditionally loving life.

I am able to pose questions to myself throughout the day. Can I love you? Can I love each and every person? An amazing woman shared this C.S. Lewis quote with me a couple days ago “Do not waste time bothering whether you ‘love’ your neighbor; act as if you did.” Act as if; I use this little saying many times a week, but do I practice it?

I fall terribly short of this way of life everyday, but I am graced with a teacher that embodies it like no other being I have ever known. Fleetwood, my miniature dachshund, is almost two years old. He is always ecstatic to see me, ready to show me love without condition. No matter how long it has been since I saw him last, no matter if I did a good job at work, no matter if I told him I loved him before I left, no matter anything he is excited to see me.  In him I see a way of living that would surely remove any hate or contention in my own experience, if I could live my life as he lives his. Today, I plan to embody this characteristic of Fleetwood and attempt to love everyone I come in contact with.

Affirmation: There is only one Love and that is the Love the Universe has shown me this very day. I take this Love into every interaction to make it brighter. I take this Love into every relationship to make it stronger. Unconditional Love is what allows me to truly be for something life changing.

Call to Action: Here is a challenge for the ages. During every interaction you have with another being contemplate the idea of unconditional love. As your thoughts allow you to lead with your heart please share what experiences you had or what insights you gained.

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2 thoughts on “33. Unconditional Love

  1. Great words. I have found that when I act in love that I feel less opposition from those who stand against me. This is for one (some times both) of two reasons: the other person is affected in some way by my loving disposition, or I have been changed and am better able to put aside prideful reactions or feelings that stem from their opposition. Either way a life is changed for the better, theirs, mine, or ours!

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