32. Time

“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst” – William Penn

Earlier this week I went to a social event with a few of my family members and was reminded of a very precious commodity. This item can not be bought and sold like gold or silver, and we have no idea how much we will be allotted in a lifetime. I am referring to time of course.

The event ended a bit earlier than I would have liked, and we all went our separate ways. On one hand I was frustrated because it seems that the time we spend together is less and less but on the other I was granted a chance to look a bit closer at how I choose to use my time.

There have been points in my recent past where I have knowingly chosen to waste time and others where I have prayed for time to stand still in order to continue enjoying an experience. Time can be very tricky but it touches all our lives so I choose to focus on the good when it comes to this fact of life.

I think about the gift of time and how I share it with the world. When I donate to a great cause, the satisfaction is far less compared to showing up in person and donating an hour or two of my life. When I catch up with an old friend over a meal, just for the sake of catching up, it puts a smile on my face. Time spent with family means so much more today than it did last year or even last week. My appreciation for life and who I spend it with continues to grow each day. How are you spending your time in order to get the most fulfillment? If you are not sure, perhaps take a moment right now to reflect.

Affirmation: Today I will give my gift of time to the world in the most positive and fulfilling way that I can.

Call to Action: Think about how you spend your time and which activities give you the most fulfillment.  Can you redirect more time to those areas and separate out some of the time spent doing the things that are superfluous.

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