34. Forgiveness

“To err is human; to forgive, divine.” – Alexander Pope

Since mankind has considered making efforts to change life for the better, the concept of forgiveness has been at the top of the list. A few years back, I had the chance to put some physical force behind the weight that we carry when we hold on to too much anger or hate. The instruction was to make a list of all the things that set us off, the things we resented, and the people we held grudges against; then for every one of those we picked up a rock and placed that rock in a back pack. The next step was to carry that bag of hate on a hike up a hill. Needless to say, before we were halfway done we all wanted to empty our bags so we could enjoy the hike. When we finally stopped we were asked to remove the stones one by one and consciously let them go back into the world, so they no longer had the weight to carry us down.

I am so grateful today I do not carry many things in my bag of resentment and as a result I have been able to release some of the biggest stones that were directed at myself. Self-forgiveness has been one of the greatest lessons I have had the chance to be taught. It seems the only way to learn either of these lessons was to practice them on a daily basis, when that is done, it is incredible how quickly my burdens slip away so that I can enjoy what is here and now.

I have found over the last several years of listening to inspirational speakers and reading stories on drastic change, one thing above all that always reminds me of the power of the human spirit, is when I hear incredible stories of forgiveness. I have seen people who have lost their closest loved ones have the courage to forgive those who were most responsible. If they can forgive, maybe I can forgive the world too. 

Affirmation:  I am inspired by my choice to forgive everything and everyone. I am especially excited to forgive myself.

Call to Action:  As you read this today, perhaps a name or image of one or more people, places or things, popped into your consciousness. These people or things no longer serve us, why should we give them power? Take some time to actively release the bonds of your past.  Try writing a letter of forgiveness that you may not need to send. Find some words that you can repeat to build a mental bridge. Ask the universe to take it away. What ever the vehicle, take the action, so the next time you see the word forgive you do not have to lug your whole past up to cloud your present.

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5 thoughts on “34. Forgiveness

  1. Great post! When I first read it I could not think of anyone. This morning my dad called me at 7:30. It really annoyed my especially after listening to the message he left. I was planning to call him and pull out the snarky “Thanks for calling me so early.” Before I had to the chance to make that call this week’s post popped into my mind. Looks like I will be forgiving my dad today. Thank You Life.

  2. I showed up to a job this morning, arriving 45 minutes early to set up, and was unable to reach my contact. Due to a miscommunication I was at the wrong address and when I finally arrived to the place I was supposed to be I was late and angry. I wanted to find out who was in charge and scold them in front of the crowd. My own embarrassment and ego wanted to throw someone under the bus. When I met the person in charge he apologized and I played it off as if it were no big deal remembering this mornings post. I instantly felt better and all of the anger that plagued me washed away. Thank you cylfriday! Today is a great day.

  3. A couple years ago, I was on the same “rocks in the backpack” hike. I didn’t know it at the time, but that experience was to usher in a new chapter in my life. Today, that chapter is over and, as I reflect back, I see where I have spent a lot of that time picking the same rocks back up. I now endeavor to empty my backpack once again and start the next chapter, the title of which will be, “Leave the rocks on the ground dummy.”

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