28. Simplify


Living a good life is really easy until we complicate it with an incredible amount of wants and stresses.

My Father is the keeper of an incredible amount of wisdom, most of which I remain ignorant to but here and there I am able to learn some of the lessons that he has tried to teach me. The biggest one of all, in his opinion, is that a simple life is a good life.  I am beginning to see how true this is today in our overcomplicated world.

I think I am most struck by this belief of my Father’s because for him it is beyond an idea or a concept, it is a code for living.  He lives this way and in order to do so has made reminders for himself that he keeps in his house, truck, and shop which simply say “SIMPLIFY”.

The range of places where this lesson can be appropriate stem into so many parts of my life that if I put them all here I would be completely going against this weeks topic. Recently I was attempting to get a photo of myself using the timer on my camera.  I fumbled with where to place it, how to get it set, and getting rightly in the frame when the simple solution came.  Ask one of the many people that were around me. The result was the exact photo I wanted and a fine conversation with some people I would have not met otherwise.  The simple answer is not always the first answer but I keep finding that it is the best.

Affirmation: The simple solutions in my life are all that I see.

Call to Action:  Identify a place in your life that has become over complicated.  It could be your schedule, your routines, your wardrobe or even just the way you view problems.  Once you have identified that area find what is truly important at it’s most simple form…now cut out the rest.  The last part will surely seem like the hardest but once you do, please share with our community the benefits from simplifying your life.

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2 thoughts on “28. Simplify

  1. This week I was fortunate enough to learn from an interaction with a friend who is in a tough situation. Instead of thinking through the different options she had, she choose rather rashly to take a road filled with spite and revenge – she was making it a game with the person on the other end. After our discussion, she calmed down and decided to rethink the actions she was going to take. Last night as I sat down to write some thoughts down, it crossed my mind about how often people play games with one another. What I wrote last night seems in accordance with today’s CYLF post; what I would like to simplify most is my thoughts. It is so easy to say things that we do not mean, or to mean things yet never show it. I would like to strip down all of the acquired behaviors that I have and to simply do what I do, and mean it at face value. I am going to focus on simplifying my thoughts and actions by being honest and upfront, with no confusion to a deeper meaning that I am not expressing. And in return, I will not over think the words or actions that are done unto me.
    Thank you for keeping me accountable.

  2. I have been living out of a suitcase for the last month. Re- wearing the same clothes and I realize that I have way too much clothes I rarely wear. When I return home in the next few days I will be re evaluating my closet situation. I have realized I can get by with a much simpler wardrobe.

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