29. Smile

“And if you see me, smile and maybe give me a hug. That’s important to me too.” – Jim Valvano

I recently walked into a business where everyone was happy. They were walking around, laughing, joking, and in a good mood. Their happiness caught my attention.  I walked out of the establishment content and satisfied with my interaction, and I thought about the contagiousness of happiness.

At my last place of employment the policy was to smile at all our guests. Sometimes I went in agitated but there was a smile. At first it was the smile through my teeth as I muttered curse words. Eventually forcing a smile on my face actually put me in a good mood. Then as my mood began to change I would laugh about my attitude before. Every time I forced the smile other people would see me and smile back with a greeting, “good morning” or “how ya doing?”. People would comment on how I was always in a good mood. It does not always come easy but it always started with a smile.

I notice that happiness is contagious. I like to be around happy smiling people.

Happy Trails.


Affirmation: I know the Universe smiles upon me at all times. My smile to the world is my sign of gratitude and a knowing wink back to the Universe.

Call to Action: Try plastering a smile on your face and a happy greeting to all when you otherwise would not. Share how this made your Friday different.

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2 thoughts on “29. Smile

  1. “a knowing wink back at the universe” – love that! I’m reading this on my phone, still in bed, and I’m already smiling! Today is off to a great start thanks to CYLF! When I was in jr high, I came up with a motto that I have lived by ever since and thought I’d share – “Smile Always”. I agree, all it takes is a smile to change my mood, whether from someone else or one that I force myself. It doesn’t take long before you feel all the positive energy that it brings, and instantly I’ll be in a different frame of mind. As Buddy the Elf would say “I just like to smile. Smiling’s my favorite!” Smile Always, CYLF!

    • Sara,

      Smile Always!!! I am flattered to hear CYLF is part of your Friday morning ritual. Love the Elf quote, love the motto, and love you my friend. Thank you for the support and keep that smile going.

      The Universe likes to wink,
      -CYLFriday Crew

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