27. Ripple

“Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” – Scott Adams

When it rains in southern New Mexico it is an event and people take notice. While I sat watching the raindrops splash in a freshly formed puddle I started to reflect on my day.

Right before lunch I stopped by the bank to open a new account for the organization I work for. The interaction did not go very well, and I felt that I was treated as a second rate customer. Instead of making a big scene, I simply thanked the woman and left. Driving back to the office all my thoughts were about writing an e-mail or calling back to complain. Luckily I was able to release the interaction, forgive the woman, and go about my day. When my co-worker asked me about it later, I told her it was nothing and this afternoon was for forgiveness and release.Watching the puddle as hundreds of ripples were being created and dispersed a question came to me “What kind of ripples are you putting in the world?” Most days I believe I add positive ripples. Today my best was avoiding the creation of a negative tidal wave. I am grateful for the growth I receive when I take time to choose my actions instead of reacting to every little thing that might not go my way. Stop, breath and smile.

Affirmation: I create only ripples of good and joy. I smile as the good radiates into the Universe ad infinitum.

Call to Action: Find a way to start a ripple of good today, or continue a ripple of good that comes your way. Did you have a chance to transform a negative ripple? Thank you for continuing to share your experiences with the CYLFriday community.

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