30. The Path

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.” – Joseph Campbell

In high school, a great friend of mine and I used to go off-roading in his Jeep. My favorite memory of those adventures was the day we decided to go off the trail and make our own. It consisted of avoiding cactuses, driving over boulders, and maybe even cutting a fence to get back to a paved street.

One thing that I have been doing recently is asking the Universe to fill me with the greatest energy of all, Unconditional Love. I know that love can heal any pain, create the most magnificent works, and put a smile on peoples’ faces. When I trust and follow unconditional love it always leads me to the correct boulevard for blissful living. An avenue that gets me off the path that everyone else is walking.

Had I followed the life others set before me I would have never lived on a submarine, I would not have graduated from college, and most importantly I would have never been a part of this website.

Today, I plan to trust this unconditional loving truth and live life full out. I hope you will NOT follow me, but find your own unique path and trust your inner guidance system to get you to live happily ever after.

Affirmation:  This life is mine to live; today I will not waste or give away one second. I am lead to my path of Life.

Call to Action: How have you been lead or blazed your own trail to blissful living? Or where did you follow the crowd today and not let your greatness shine? Please share with the CYLFriday community how this looked for you.

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29. Smile

“And if you see me, smile and maybe give me a hug. That’s important to me too.” – Jim Valvano

I recently walked into a business where everyone was happy. They were walking around, laughing, joking, and in a good mood. Their happiness caught my attention.  I walked out of the establishment content and satisfied with my interaction, and I thought about the contagiousness of happiness.

At my last place of employment the policy was to smile at all our guests. Sometimes I went in agitated but there was a smile. At first it was the smile through my teeth as I muttered curse words. Eventually forcing a smile on my face actually put me in a good mood. Then as my mood began to change I would laugh about my attitude before. Every time I forced the smile other people would see me and smile back with a greeting, “good morning” or “how ya doing?”. People would comment on how I was always in a good mood. It does not always come easy but it always started with a smile.

I notice that happiness is contagious. I like to be around happy smiling people.

Happy Trails.


Affirmation: I know the Universe smiles upon me at all times. My smile to the world is my sign of gratitude and a knowing wink back to the Universe.

Call to Action: Try plastering a smile on your face and a happy greeting to all when you otherwise would not. Share how this made your Friday different.

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28. Simplify


Living a good life is really easy until we complicate it with an incredible amount of wants and stresses.

My Father is the keeper of an incredible amount of wisdom, most of which I remain ignorant to but here and there I am able to learn some of the lessons that he has tried to teach me. The biggest one of all, in his opinion, is that a simple life is a good life.  I am beginning to see how true this is today in our overcomplicated world.

I think I am most struck by this belief of my Father’s because for him it is beyond an idea or a concept, it is a code for living.  He lives this way and in order to do so has made reminders for himself that he keeps in his house, truck, and shop which simply say “SIMPLIFY”.

The range of places where this lesson can be appropriate stem into so many parts of my life that if I put them all here I would be completely going against this weeks topic. Recently I was attempting to get a photo of myself using the timer on my camera.  I fumbled with where to place it, how to get it set, and getting rightly in the frame when the simple solution came.  Ask one of the many people that were around me. The result was the exact photo I wanted and a fine conversation with some people I would have not met otherwise.  The simple answer is not always the first answer but I keep finding that it is the best.

Affirmation: The simple solutions in my life are all that I see.

Call to Action:  Identify a place in your life that has become over complicated.  It could be your schedule, your routines, your wardrobe or even just the way you view problems.  Once you have identified that area find what is truly important at it’s most simple form…now cut out the rest.  The last part will surely seem like the hardest but once you do, please share with our community the benefits from simplifying your life.

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27. Ripple

“Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” – Scott Adams

When it rains in southern New Mexico it is an event and people take notice. While I sat watching the raindrops splash in a freshly formed puddle I started to reflect on my day.

Right before lunch I stopped by the bank to open a new account for the organization I work for. The interaction did not go very well, and I felt that I was treated as a second rate customer. Instead of making a big scene, I simply thanked the woman and left. Driving back to the office all my thoughts were about writing an e-mail or calling back to complain. Luckily I was able to release the interaction, forgive the woman, and go about my day. When my co-worker asked me about it later, I told her it was nothing and this afternoon was for forgiveness and release.Watching the puddle as hundreds of ripples were being created and dispersed a question came to me “What kind of ripples are you putting in the world?” Most days I believe I add positive ripples. Today my best was avoiding the creation of a negative tidal wave. I am grateful for the growth I receive when I take time to choose my actions instead of reacting to every little thing that might not go my way. Stop, breath and smile.

Affirmation: I create only ripples of good and joy. I smile as the good radiates into the Universe ad infinitum.

Call to Action: Find a way to start a ripple of good today, or continue a ripple of good that comes your way. Did you have a chance to transform a negative ripple? Thank you for continuing to share your experiences with the CYLFriday community.

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