16. Perspective

“I want my perspective to come from a heart that is full of love.” –CYLFriday Crew

This past week tragedy and loss hit very close to home for several of my friends and I. Two people that we were close to passed on. An outcry of sadness was created immediately followed with an extreme out pouring of love and support for those that were most affected by the losses.

I quickly gained two beautiful lessons about perspective. The first lesson dealt with what is truly important as opposed to what I am often tricked into believing matters. I think it is very common to get caught up in concerns about the cosmetics of life that wax and wane through the course of our days and weeks. Today I remember that the love of friends, family and community is most important in my life.

The second lesson had to do with what I focus on. It seems we often have two choices in how we view any situation, one of fear or one of love. Option 1, I can allow my attention to dwell on the loss and pain or option 2, I can turn my attention to the love and connection that grows during tough times. This idea is as old as mans ability to reason, how do I view the glass? I choose to believe that the glass is half full. When I see the glass as being half full I am seeing the total potential of the situation and I am focused on the good. If I were to see the same glass as being half empty I am living in a state of fear with a belief in lack, focusing on what is wrong.

Life constantly provides experiences that offer us the chance to change the way we look at the world. Sometimes it takes very drastic experiences to make changes but I think that if we begin to cultivate a half full attitude on a regular basis then when troubles do come down the path we are prepared for them.

Affirmation: Today I choose to look at the world around me with pure love.

Call to Action: Take one thing in your life that has been a challenge and see how you can look at it from a different perspective or decide if it is truly important. Please share your thoughts below.

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5 thoughts on “16. Perspective

  1. CYL – I am sorry for your loss. I agree that when we dwell in the land of the pain and suffering, we are not creating the life that we want to live. I believe that we do have to process our grief in order to move through the experience. It can be a challenge or an opportunity to live in the midst of healing from grief and moving forward with a positive expectation.

    My time of transition and challenge involves employment. I could get frustrated, angry, and depressed; instead I am focusing on learning new skills, doing what I love to do, and creating a new environment in my home. I love this quote that I found on Facebook: It speaks to me.

    Marianne Williamson
    We turn down countless miracles every time we refuse to show up fully for the gift of our present circumstances.


    • CYLF~ Inspiring words reflecting great thoughts in challenging times.
      I am sorry for your losses.

      This week I will be present and put effort in my prayer and meditation daily working to never forget I choose my thoughts actions that make up my life.

  2. In the last few months there have been not only friends who have transitioned but also illness and aging circling around people who are in my life. I have allowed myself to feel the grief of these changes and also looked for the key and connection of each of these occurrences – how will I use them to continue my spiritual growth?
    I thank you for allowing me to have a site to go to each Friday to review and reflect on my life.

  3. Thank you for this post. It’s coming at a time when I really need to be reminded to focus on the positives in a pretty negative situation. I’m about to be surrounded by family who have a negative outlook on life during a difficult time in their lives. I have made a solid effort to live my life with the glass half full, and because I’ll be back in a world of half empty glasses, it simply means that I need to focus on the positives even more than ever before. I can’t let myself get sucked in. Rather than dread this trip, I’m going to choose to feel fortunate that I get to be there to support them when they truly need it most. Maybe it’ll be influential, maybe it won’t. But I’m going to focus on any positive outcomes this trip brings….even if it means having difficult conversations and being strong for those who have never shown weakness before.

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