17. Dream

“Your only responsibility is to dream the grandest dream possible in order for the Universe to showoff through you.” -CYLFriday Crew

At some point in my life did I sacrifice my dream for security? Your rent is due, get a job.  Your car payment is due, get a job. Perhaps we work at another job to pay our bills, chasing our dream on our day off. Then our “job for the meantime” turns into overtime. The boss says, “Business is good, can you come in on the weekend? Can you stay late tonight?” At what point did I forget about my dream?

I was speaking to a friend who used the phrase “live to work, instead of work to live”.  That is not how I want to live. I was having less and less time off and consequently less of my dream. I felt the moment had arrived to chase that dream full time.

During the little time there was to focus on my life’s calling a lot of practicing, planning and preparation took place. I never lost sight of the grand scheme. Every single day I catch myself thinking about my goal, I know it is time, and I recently quit my job, with much relief, to follow my dream.

Affirmation: My dreams come from the divine knowledge within my core. I let my intuition lead me to the most amazing life I can imagine.

Call To Action: Find a place in your life that security has taken the place of your dream and determine a way to shift your life back towards your dream.

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3 thoughts on “17. Dream

  1. I absolutely love that affirmation. Well said. A decision like this takes a lot of courage, so congratulations on staying true to yourself and your dream. Very inspiring!

  2. Great insight on pursuing your dream – many people wait until much later in life and realize that they sold out. They can’t walk away easily because now they have a mortgage, children and a lifestyle to support. Martha Beck’s latest book, Finding Your Way in a Wild New World, speaks to this topic and is a fabulous read.

    • Great post! It takes courage to follow your dream. Courage and faith go hand in hand, but believing in your self can be the tricky part. Believe and know what you you do matters.

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