12. It’s All Good

“It’s All Good.” – Too Many to List

When I was a teenager I use to say “It’s All Good” about everything. I did not realize what a universal truth I was dealing with. All that I knew was it really frustrated my mother. Today I was reminded of this saying during a discussion with a friend who is going through some struggles. The reminder was that things I have labeled as bad in my past have actually ended up being some of the greatest gifts in my life. Difficulty at work, lost love, strain within the family, and overcoming illness has enriched my life more than anything else in the world, but as I was walking through these “horrible” things you could not have convinced me of that.

Today my mom and I constantly remind each other that it is, in fact, all good. I am also able to remind friends that what they are going through is all good regardless of what they may feel or perceive at the moment. Shakespeare reminds us “There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” Today let us choose good in our life and remind as many people as we can that it is all good.

Affirmation: Today every moment and situation I am in is nothing but good and great. I allow this good in my life knowing that this is Life’s gift to me.

Call to Action: Look at a past struggle and recognize the good that you can now see from overcoming that. Embrace that feeling of good and apply that to a current challenge in your life in order to find the gift that is being delivered.

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10 thoughts on “12. It’s All Good

  1. Today the phrase “It’s all good” has taken on a new meaning for me. It has helped me go through some tough times – knowing that the goodness of the situation would show up at some point. And it always has…..
    It’s all good!!!!!

  2. I used to say “no worries” a lot, but what is the subject of that statement? Worry. And worry is a choice…and not a good one. Each and every word that comes out of us and into the world has meaning and impact. So one day, I recognized that even verbalizing the word ‘worries’ was creating an environment that I didn’t want to participate in. So, to paraphrase Biggie Smalls, I “switch from negative to positive, and ‘it’s all good’.”

    Today, every day, we can choose to find the good, or we can choose to find the bad. I choose good.

  3. Excellent post – I agree that there is a gift (or more than one) in each event. Eventually, I even discovered gifts in grief. It changed my life in unimaginable ways. I used to be independent – ok more independent than I am now. One of the things that grief taught me is that I cannot do it alone. We need each other.
    Namaste, Karen

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