13. Listen

“One of the simplest yet most heartfelt actions we can do is listen.”  –CYLFriday crew

I found myself in a position where a friend needed someone to share their feelings with. I had the honor to be the recipient of their story.  Through the process of silently and attentively listening to them, free of comment or judgment they were able to find their own truth as the words left their mouth.  The result for both of us was an extreme feeling of peace and serenity that is so often missed.

I was graced by this experience to look at how often my inner monologue takes me away from true listening.  I wait anxiously to share my own solutions and try to meddle with the process. This same action happens when I fail to sit silently with myself and allow my deeper truths to flow.  If you notice: the same letters spell listen and silent.

Affirmation: I am present and available to listen to all that the universe needs me to hear.  I listen with my ears, heart and intuition.

Call to Action: Take time out of each day this week to listen to a friend, a stranger or your intuition.  Share with us and others what you gained from just listening.

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8 thoughts on “13. Listen

  1. What a timely blog…..actually last weekend I was in a situation in which a good friend felt that I had slighted her. I started by defending myself – but I realized all she really wanted for me to do was to LISTEN! I closed my mouth and opened my ears and heart and really heard what she was saying. At the end of our conversation I felt that I had done the best thing I could do for my friend – listen and love her…..and I was able to see a part of me that could be worked on……

  2. So true! Half the time if you just listen to someone, they usually come to a realization themselves and it really is beneficial for both parties.

    If there is a pause, don’t interrupt. Wait a few beats.

    Let them complete the thought/story and afford them time to finish. There’s always time for friends.

    The true process is called Active Listening.

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