11. Effort

“Much effort, much prosperity.” Euripides

I can remember when I was a much younger man, possibly last week, when I was thinking how great it would be to do less and make more.  The end result was wasted time in the areas that bring me the most growth.  I think this concept can span many different aspects of a life; a lack of effort and the attitude of I want more for less.

I took time to look at the effort that I was putting forth in some of those aspects, what I found was there was more time wasted than applied and some of the applied time had poor intention behind it.  I think I see a great deal of this attitude in my surroundings as well.  I hear people often saying how they are not getting enough out of their efforts when questioned how strong those efforts or how focused their intentions are, the honest answer is that there is a lack.

We live in a time and place where it has becoming increasingly easy and accepted to wait around expecting things to change.  I think that time is about to start changing, if for no one else, it will in my life.  If I want my life to change today I need to put forth the effort to change it, not just sit back and think about how the world needs to tilt towards me.

Get up, get out and make something happen.  Focus on a goal that has been sitting around and put some honest intended effort into it.  I have one in mind already and I am sure you do to…go, go ahead…DO IT!

Affirmation: What I get reflects what I put in and today I am going to give it all I got.

Call To Action: Decide on a goal that you will place some intended effort into and share it with a friend and us.

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10 thoughts on “11. Effort

  1. I have working on a PhD for 12 years. I am now at the point to go on to the next step. I yap a lot about it – but when I look at all I still have to do I become overwhelmed. Today I will write THE list of steps that I need to take to complete the program. And focus on One Step At A Time. And with each Step put forth my best effort and intention!!!
    Thank you once again, for your timely words.

    • Momma Dukes,

      Thank you again for your commitment to commenting here and sharing how CYLFriday is working in your life. Good Luck on becoming a doctor and remember “It’s All Good”

      -Change Your Life Friday

  2. This is a great reminder and motivation for me right now. I put so much effort into being social and working hard, but little effort into the things that are good for me. The three areas I will put more effort into are making healthier choices, getting organized, and following a budget. Because, I have noticed that when those three things are out of control, it effects my efforts towards being social and working hard. So, essentially, I will put effort into finding more balance in my life.

    • Sara,

      I hope your effort has shown some results in just a week time frame. Thank you for sharing the three areas of your life you are trying to grow and make positive choices in.

      -Change Your Life Friday

  3. Your posting about effort coincides with my focus for 2012. I’ve been writing a book for over 10 years – similar to the first reply you received about working on a PhD. This year, I am focusing my effort on completing and publishing the book. That means I will write every day. It might mean that I have to say ‘no’ to something else and I am prepared to do that. I have been examining all of my activities and decided to let go of one major time commitment that I have every month. I’ve been organized, getting rid of clutter, and streamlining everything. I agree with you that effort goes along with making the changes necessary to support the effort. Thank you – good work.

  4. As soon as I arrived at the point that asks about if I knew the answer, there was no question that I did. I have been putting off a few things that for one reason or another i thought would magically take care of themselves. After getting down to business it turned out that a little bit of effort went a long way and now I no longer have top have that undone responsibility looming over my head. Now I feel a bit more of that Freedom that was talked about a few weeks ago.

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