“Creativity involves breaking out of expected patterns in order to look at things in a different way.” – Edward de Bono

I need your creation, we need your creation, the world needs your creation. This week as I have been wrestling with what to write for CYLF I have been reminded of the importance of creativity and different outlooks. My belief stands that for the world to continue to grow and thrive, and for civilization to continue to evolve we need to allow ideas to have a place to breathe; especially those ideas I don’t agree with. I challenge myself to listen to ideas I think are “wrong”, and try to stay skeptical of the ideas I think are “right”.

Creation is a manifestation of our ideas. A creation and idea are not in a vacuum, they grow from previous ideas and we are inspired by that which has already been created. If you are reading this, you have access to clean water, you know where your next meal is coming from, and where you will be sleeping tonight, you have an amazing opportunity to create. What is your pattern that is keeping you from this? Can you break it for 24 hours and try to look at things differently?

Affirmation: This moment I see challenges with new eyes. I easily and effortlessly allow creative ideas to flow through me and into the world. Creation is how I love myself, my neighbor, and my enemy.

Call To Action: I’m throwing 3 your way, pick one, two or all three that call to you. Find a way to look at something familiar in a new way. Ask someone that sees the world differently than you about an idea that has been perplexing you this year. Create something in the next 7 days that you have never created before.

1 thought on “Creation

  1. Thank you for today’s words…listening from my heart to those who have different ideas than my own is still sooo difficult. Good place to start this week.

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