“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes… including you.” – Anne Lamott

Over the last year we have obviously been faced with unprecedented changes in the way in which we act and react to the world around us. Seemingly we have been graced with a ton more time to do with as we would please. I have found that in years past I had hope for this extra time so that I could better invest it into endeavors of personal growth. Admittedly it seems that I have filled many of these extra hours in the week with things that have not added to the positive movement that I crave.

That’s why we’re here. I need to remember what I have forgotten, unplug and reset. If I have gotten off the path, I don’t have to be critical of the extra steps, I can be grateful to recognize it, take a moment and step back on. This can be true in a day, year or a lifetime.

Today I needed to pause, unplug and reset. The results were peace, presence and a clear vision of what my next simple move was to be. I will probably forget this again in short order so I am sharing it with you so we can remind each other to unplug and catch this moment. This one, right here…it’s really quite amazing and we almost missed it.

Affirmation: <A Deep Breath> Right here and now everything is in divine right order. I am blessed beyond measure in this moment.

Call to Action: Set some space to unplug, even if it must be put on your schedule. Make it important and share the gift with someone else. Think of who could help you stay accountable to being here, now!

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