“Start over, my darling. Be brave enough to find the life you want and courageous enough to chase it. Then start over and love yourself the way you were always meant to.”
-Madalyn Beck

Over the past several years we have talked about writing again and sharing, but there was always reason to put it off. After a while this effort seemed like a journey from times past that would just stay there. Over the last year the call to write, intend and share has continued to grow which brings us back together today. It seems like restarting or taking action can seem like an insurmountable obstacle, the mind can attack the motives, predetermine the outcome and cause stagnation before an effort has ever started. Today’s quote may seem dramatic but it is true that even the smallest of endeavors require a bit of bravery to get moving. 

This is a restart for us as a community which in our eyes seems timely for most communities that we are connected to.  A new year is upon us, the world is changing yet each of us still sit here and have to navigate through this journey no matter what the world looks like. It seems that it takes bravery, honesty and action.

The bravery is needed to fight through the parts of ourselves that are all too geared for sabotage. Is there something that you are unwilling to pick back up, have given up on or just quit?  This is where self honesty comes in.  All too often our endeavors are cast aside and we label them as losses, failures or not worth our efforts, all the while placing blame on some outside force why these things no longer are part of our experience.  Then the action of course is just taking the first step.

We intend to write again with the hope of using this as a chance to express the things that we need to affirm in our lives. We pray that our efforts will inspire others to take some time and join us in creating the lives that we are meant to have.  Glad you’re back.  

Affirmation: This moment is the beginning of all of the good that lays in front of me. It is the harvest of the seeds I have planted in the past.  

Call to Action: Pause, reset, restart.  You are back on the path, get your bearings, make a plan, bless the past and take your next step towards the new and beautiful journey that is just beginning. 

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