3. Hang Loose


Hang Loose

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”

Hang loose

I have a friend who has one of the most positive outlooks on life. He is very productive and always seems to cheer up those around him. He has a catch phrase, where he answers questions about how he is, or what he is doing by saying, “Just Hanging loose,” as he throws the universal hand signal for hang loose. We have turned it in to symbol of joy as we give each other hand signals illustrating that we are indeed, “Hanging Loose”.

I am a member of a collaborative art community. Sometimes collaborative art can be challenging. We deal with lots of egos and sometimes we don’t have the ideal atmosphere for spreading our creative wings. Most of the time it is amazing and I would choose no other form of art, work, or collaboration. I had an especially challenging project not to long ago and I was frustrated. Things were not going exactly as I would like and I remembered, “Hang loose”. My day turned right around. I realized my place in the group, and went with it. I think my attitude change immediately affected the rest of the group. The mood among my peers was brighter and happier for the rest of our time together.

Affirmation: When things don’t go as I plan, maybe it’s time to adjust my plan.

Call to Action: Hang loose! Share a time when you were able to go with the flow and it made all the difference in the world.




“Every man can transform the world from one of monotony and drabness to one of excitement and adventure.”
-Irving Wallace

I find myself lacking enthusiasm. About a week ago I had a series of phone calls to make with business associates. In the first I spoke in a monotone voice and this associate of mine, also a friend, asked me what was wrong. We were talking about an exciting project, everybody was making money, and I sounded bummed out. I told him nothing was wrong, but then I realized I better change my tone for the next phone call. I dialed the next number took a deep breath and HELLO! I purposely livened up my tone and the conversation went well. I noticed this small change in how I presented myself made a huge difference in how the conversation went.

It is interesting to me that the friend who changed my perspective on the day’s simple tasks by merely asking one simple question, “what is wrong?” This same friend, on a previous job told me to get excited Buddy! He told me to get excited because I was signed up to work with one of the renowned experts in my field. I replied with a “that’s cool” but after getting off the phone I did get excited and couldn’t wait to brag to my friends.

Yesterday I had a series of meetings interviewing people for a job one of which was my friend who keeps reminding me to be enthusiastic. After my meeting with him the rest of the days work went so much better. I was excited in what we were doing, my partners were happy, and everyone finished the day with a feeling of accomplishment. All of this happened because one person was excited and reminded me just with his attitude.

If we all show a little excitement in what we do it will surely rub on those around us.

Affirmation: I am the positive change for those around me. I have lots to be excited for.

Call to action: Please share below some of the little things you may take for granted that ARE worth getting excited over. You can also just share something in your life that excites you, keeps you smiling, or you think we should know.