“…by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise.  The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”                                                                    

-Sylvia Plath


Over the past few years one of my friends and I have talked about creating a movie script.  Every once in a while we would bring it up and make comments about different ideas for scenes, characters, topics or themes. This talk and banter has always been fun, but until this week it had not gone much further than that.  In truth, I never really took it much further than the idea, since I had no experience in the script writing or movie- making realm.  


On Wednesday, my friend called me and asked if I was ready to sit down and start writing that script.  Out of the habit to saying yes to life I said, “absolutely, meet me in an hour!” Before that self-doubting part of my brain could kick in, tell me I didn’t have the skills, or the experience to try something new involving creativity, he showed up.  I am so grateful for my cultivated reaction to say yes today.


When my friend arrived to my house I was committed and all in.  We sat down and began talking and writing, making notes, dreaming and brainstorming.  The result to the effort was the birth of creativity.  Two open minds came together and worked towards one common goal and inspiration happened.  The experience was so positive and exciting that we sat down again, with an even bigger group of people, the next day and made more progress and created even more.  What I see today is just another reminder that all of the creative thoughts that I have are always just a little effort away and they are so exciting to tap into.  


Affirmation:  I am a creative and intelligent being, and in this moment I am inspired to cultivate new thoughts and experiences!


Call to action:  Please take some time today to flex your creative muscle. Write a poem, a story, or an experience on paper.  Or reach out to a friend that you have been talking about a project with sit down together and figure out what it will take. Share your experience with us so that we can all grow together.  Lets change our lives again this Friday!!!