“Perseverance, secret of all triumphs.” – Victor Hugo

Last year I got an internship for The Sundance Institute through my school. The internship led to a couple of amazing jobs and is one of the highlights of my college career. I shared about the experience freely and as I saw the internship opportunity come up again I encouraged many of my classmates to apply. I often encourage fellow classmates to get out of their comfort zone and pursue the opportunities that the professors create for us.

My friend who I’d talked to extensively about the internship decided he would apply. We worked together on crafting his resume, not that he needed any help, but it was more like I was just giving him reassurance that the resume would get him the job. At the eleventh hour he started having second thoughts and did not want to turn his resume in. He said he would not get in so why even bother. I can relate to this self-defeating attitude because I battle it everyday. I constantly push through my doubts and force myself to take on the next commitment, work on the next project, and keep on keepin’ on. I eventually convinced him there was no harm in trying and he needed to get his mind right. It was not easy, but I eventually coerced him into getting out of his own way. He was awarded the internship and will be working for the Sundance Institute next year.

It is amazing that our thoughts and behavior can block us from even trying to get the jobs we are qualified for and perfectly capable of doing on our own merits. CYLFriday community I leave you with the idea to go for it and stop holding yourself back. You can do anything you want if you give it a shot.

Affirmation: My dreams are on my mind, I am guided by my heart, and I keep on keepin’ on.

Call to Action: Where have you disregarded your doubtful thoughts, and attempted something and succeeded? Where has your self-doubt sabotaged something in your world? Please share it with us in the comments.

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