“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” – Mattie Stepanek

Approximately 3 years ago the idea that eventually became this website was hatched. You can read about the beginning here. 3 of the 4 guys that night eventually came together to write and maintain this website. When we first started the website our only goal was to add some positivity to the internet every Friday. Our lives have all gone in very different directions, but we have stayed in touch, and CYLF has had a lot to do with that.

When we started, my guess was we would make it maybe 4 months, and as I post this we have posted for 34 months. I have no idea what we have added to the Internet, but I do know this has been a sort of friendship glue. I am grateful for what it has added to my life, and how the ebb and flow of our inspiration and contribution has been different at different times, but someone has always showed up.

Do you have any things in your life that keeps you connected to friends, family, and others you love? If not, what might that look like? I challenge you to create something new in your life that will bring any number of people together.

Affirmation: I am connected to all that are in my life. People may appear to come and go, but we stay connected.

Call to Action: How do you stay connected with those you love? Please share those ideas with the CYLF community.


1 thought on “Glue

  1. Every year around the holidays, my friends from college do a secret santa. Usually the price limit is $10 or $20, so it’s less about the actual gift and more about bringing us together, even though we’re spread across the country.

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