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“Growth is how nature keeps things alive.”

For years a good friend of mine would parrot a sentence as a reminder to himself and those around him that there is only one direction to go in life.  “There is only one way you can coast and that is downhill.”  Last week two questions were posed in the beginning of the post which was just a passageway for several more to come.  You should know that I was not the one to write last week and I did not read it until this morning, while reading it I was so touched by the words because that word “complacency” stuck out to me in a big way.

I have not become complacent in all parts of my life but I have certainly had a shift in what is important and where my focus goes.  What this shift has done is taken me away from some of the same things that my dear friend wrote about a week ago.  Things that are not “needed” to survive day-to-day but they are NEEDED if I want to thrive year to year.  I believe this at my core that without a focus on soul work I will crumble.  That is why we made this blog almost three years ago.  To be honest it has become a seeming burden because of coasting away from those things that connect me at my core.

So here I am with two paragraphs of problem, 10 hours, 34 min after post time…ready for a solution and those answers.  How does it get any better than this?  Right now, this moment, is the greatest moment of my life.  It is my choice to continue doing the work that allows me to feel the beauty of now more often each day. I know this because I have seen it work time and time again in myself and in the men I surround myself with.  What else is possible?  Anything!  I have seen miracles happen in front of me and sometimes I forget that.  The man who wrote last weeks post in my eyes is a walking miracle, it is men like him that give me a boost when I am stagnant and for that I am grateful.

Affirmation: Growth is how nature keeps things alive. I grow and live life to the fullest.

Call to Action:  I can not do this alone.  At some point in the past several years I lived with a few men that helped me stay accountable to focus on Soul work.  I need help to focus and stay accountable and invite the support.  Anyone interested in rebuilding this community.  I love you guys and thanks to the D for being a great example for me today and a message of accountability.

Use these questions at least once today, and let us know in the comments how it goes.

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