22. Laughter

“Have you made anyone laugh today?” – Hand written note on Steve Sabol’s desk.

I had the amazing chance to catch up with some friends in New York City this past weekend. It was great to see people I had not seen in a couple years. One lunch in particular reminded me how rewarding a great conversation is, and more importantly how worthwhile a good laugh is. It was great sharing laughs, deep and meaningful belly laughs, and it was great watching my friend laugh the same way. At one point we could not even walk down the street because we were in stitches.

In my life laughing has been a huge part of it. Comedies are my favorite kind or movies, telling funny stories to pass the time in dull situations, and trying to make people laugh while keeping a straight face are all ways that I have incorporated laughter into my life. One of the things that brought all of us here at CYLF together, when we first met, was our sense of humor. Sharing a laugh is the glue that holds friendship together and allows us to walk through tough times.
How has laughter enriched your life? How do you and your friends share good times?


Affirmation:  Laughter is the song of the Universe, today I choose to sing along.

Call to Action:Share with the CYLFriday community who you made laugh today.

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