Practice makes perfect!


 Last night, I went to a screening for a movie that comes out next week. The film’s director was there for a Q&A wrapping up his press tour. He relayed a piece of advice that he received, which was to not rest on your laurels. In the context that he received, it meant he should keep directing projects all of the time and that is what led to his success as a filmmaker. As well as leading to his future success. It makes sense that for a creative endeavor people need to practice to achieve success. Just like athletes’ need to practice hitting off a tee or shooting free throws.


I find in my own life, in my own hobbies and desires, the things I would like to do, the things I believe are my passions get neglected. I know that more time needs to be dedicated to pursuing and practicing my own creative endeavors. This Friday I will spend some time and start to create good creative habits.


Affirmation: I can live the life of my dreams; the only thing stopping me is myself.


Call to Action: Set some time aside today to devote to your old hobby. Share what it is with us below or post it on Facebook.

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