9. Family

“You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.” – Desmond Tutu

Yesterday afternoon my family and I had to come together to make some tough decisions in regards to my grandfather’s living situation. It has been amazing, and it was amazing to see my family come together for my grandmother yesterday, and over the past few weeks. I can be mentally critical of my family at times, but yesterday I was reminded of how blessed I am.

I recognize that not everyone has a great biological family, but what I have also learned in my life is I am able to create a group of people around me that are just as close as “family.” It is important for each and every one of us to look for the blessings that our biological family has given us. We should also approach those that are like family, and let them know how much we appreciate them.

Affirmation: The world is full of potential brothers and sisters. I embrace you as my relative, and I extend my love to you.

Call To Action: Who is a part of your life that you have not told them you care and love them. Please share stories with us about how you embrace your biological family, or people that are just like family in your life.

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