Share the Love


“Love is all you need”

-The Beatles

I remember when I was in the first grade and the teacher gave out construction paper, scissors, glue, and crayons then spent a half of the day making Valentines for classmates. I  made them for all of the girls and even some of my guy friends. She told us to write something nice. Maybe if you were brave you even asked one of the girls to be your Valentine, but all of the rest just said “I think your sweet,” “Happy Valentines day,” or “your cool.” It was a day of friendship and compliments. None of us felt sorry for ourselves. None of the first graders went into the day with a Valentine but we all came home with cut out hearts folded over with little notes in them. Maybe we even held someone’s hand that day.

Valentines Day has had many meanings over the years for me. The best Valentines are the ones that I share my love, my friendship, and get into the spirit of things. You don’t have to have a Valentine to share you love with a friend. I’m sure there is probably some app or email program that sends out electronic valentines, or bring it back to the first grade cut out some construction paper hearts and give them out to people you come in contact with today, regardless if you are romantic with them. Let’s get into the spirit and share the love this year.

Affirmation: I can be the person to bring joy to those around me.

Call to Action: Don’t just get caught up in just the romantic part of Valentines Day. Share the love with friends, family, and coworkers. Make construction paper hearts, send out emails, texts, or just call some people and let them know that they are important to you.Image

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