Day 26 – Thursday Nov. 14, 2013

Simple Gratitude.

Today I was able to sit back and be grateful for the little things in my life. The things that have probably always been there, but I have either been too full of myself or too busy to notice. Throwing the ball for my dog, helpful coworkers, and a vehicle to get from place to place are just a couple examples.

How simple can your gratitude list look like? How truly meaningful are these simple things in your life?

Daily Gratitude list
1. I am grateful for _______________
2. I am grateful for _______________
3. I am grateful for _______________
4. I am grateful for _______________
5. I am grateful for _______________

2 thoughts on “Day 26 – Thursday Nov. 14, 2013

  1. I’m grateful for my car
    I’m grateful for my boys
    I’m grateful for my clothes
    I’m grateful for Diet Coke
    I’m grateful for fresh food

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