52. Change

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer

Over the course of the last year all sorts of remarkable things have taken place in my life, the lives of my friends and the lives of everyone else who has shared this time together. We are all different from who we were just one short year ago. In this I have seen the beginning of new lives for some and lives come to an end for others, I have seen people move away and others return to places they have been in the past, I have seen people accomplish some amazing goals and other start a path towards new ones. SO in total I have seen a great deal of change in the lives of the people around me. As I look at these changed lives there are some people who have gone out in the world and made these changes happen for themselves and others who sat back while the change happened to them.

When we started this website a year ago, our intention was to help inspire more people to go out and make those changes happen in their life. Through attention, affirmation, and practice we have seen our lives change and we wanted to share that blessing with as many people as we could. I truly believe that those of you who practice any of the weekly ideas have been able to experience similar change.

It is said that change is inevitable and I know that to be true. What I also know is that I can be in complete control of how changes affect me. Through doing this work and this practice over the past year there is no question my life has changed, I am a year older, I have had a host of incredible life experiences and I have grown to value some of the simpler things in life. I am not the same person that helped brainstorm how best to get our message to you. Today I am a man who in the process of trying to change the world around him, changed himself and as a result sees a completely different world through these eyes. Thanks for the change!

Affirmation: Today I am the change I want to see.

Call to Action: There are three days left in this year to become the person that you wanted to be on 1/1/12. What I know about this world is that grand and revolutionary change can happen in an instant if we are willing to put forth the effort, let go of those things that hold us back and take action. If there was one thing that you wanted to do this year that did not start, complete or follow through on, do it today. There is no better time than now to finish this year off perfectly. I know that it is possible, take a chance, and make a change!

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