51. Reflection

“It’s the end of the world as we know it.” – R.E.M.

I love writing for CYLFriday, so even with the end of the world at hand, and even with the chance this will be available for less than 24 hours, I feel it is an appropriate task to do at this time.

I am extremely confident that the world is not coming to an end in a death of humanity sense, but I do believe that we are ten days away from the end of another year. As 2012 comes to a close I have started to not only think about the goals and dreams I will strive for in 2013, but I have also been reflecting on the year that has been. Compared to where I was in life just 12 short months ago it does appear that an entire world has come to an end and here we all are.

Keith, the man that originally inspired the phrase Change Your Life Friday, is a college graduate as of Wednesday. If you refer to “The Beginning” section of our site you will read about 4 men. Keith was one of those guys, and he approached us because he was worried about failing multiple classes. What an end!

You may have noticed a couple of weeks when the theme was followed by “We Love You Marco”. He made his transition to the great unknown on April 14th. Prior to that moment I, everyone within the CYLF crew, and countless others had the chance to see many people come from all over the United States to tell this man “I Love You!” What an end!

We here at CYLFriday made a pact amongst the three of us to post every Friday for a year, and we are 1 more post away (fingers crossed the world does not end) from reaching our goal. I will be honest I did not think we would make it out of March, and we are posting in December. Here is to 52 Fridays in 2013. What an end to the beginning. Cheers!

Affirmation: I am so blessed to know that every end is just a beautiful new beginning. 

Call to Action:  What parts of your world have ended this year?

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4 thoughts on “51. Reflection

  1. When one door closes another opens. Powerful affirmation. Pick up the acceptance book for a dollar at your local literature spot. I learned last night that nobody can hurt me if I don’t let em. Powerful, cuz I b tripping.

    Lots of endings this year, fears and insecurities, cuz it works when u work it.

    Can I get a “Boom”?

  2. Today we celebrated the life of my friend Ann who was loved by many. She passed peacefully in her sleep on Friday the 15th. Tonight after returning home from both her Memorial and Funeral services I was happy I had another CYLF post to look forward to reading. I know Anns passing was a new beginning for her, even though it was an end of her steady presence in my life. I think of those who have passed in 2012 who have touched my life as well as others in a myriad of ways and will never forget them. R.I.P. Ann, Jan and Marco.
    I continue to carry your E S & H with me.

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