43. Kindness

“The first thing a kindness deserves is acceptance, the second, transmission.” – George MacDonald

At this point in my life I watch very little television, I stay away from news and tabloid style programming, but recently I seem to catch myself getting pulled into politics and sports.  The atmosphere of both politics and sports is so incredibly polarizing that it seems characters on both sides of an issue or event would literally go to war against their fellows to stand up for their team or party. Most of these people, by all other standards, are completely sane in their affairs which makes this overwhelming passionate anger so shocking to me as the viewer.

I take this chance to look at myself and see where I am taking this kind of ideal into my life because my truth tells me that regardless of the outcome of a sporting event or political race my duty will still be one of love and kindness toward my fellows.  I need to remember that in the moment, this person who has different beliefs or passions than me is still my brother or sister on this planet and my job is to treat them that way.

It is amazing how far a little bit of kindness can go in the world.  Some of my greatest memories are moments in time when someone took just a little bit of extra effort by expressing some kindness.  The action brings joy to both parties and the beautiful thing is that there does not even have to be a reason. A random act of kindness with no reason usually results most likely will be filled with even more wonder.

Affirmation:  I am a loving being above all else and my job right here, right now is to be a vessel of kindness to the entire world around me.

Call to action:  You guessed it, get out in the world today and do some uncharacteristically good deeds for some of your fellows.  Spread so of your extra joy into the first place you can and keep up the practice for a day.  Not only will this be a Friday for you to change your life but you might just change someone else’s in the process… Go, go on…

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6 thoughts on “43. Kindness

  1. Beautiful reminder of loving kindness – to be given out with no expectations! And also, a good reminder of why I no longer have cable/television….

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