42. Double Down

“trust the process” – Mug at a coffee shop

This past Sunday I was able to live a dream of becoming a professional speaker. I got in front of a room of people and shared a message of inspiration and love. While preparing for my talk I was stuck on the last point to share about. The Friday night before I was set to talk I went to dinner with my mother and to a coffee shop afterwards. We were waiting for our drinks, and my mom picked up a mug and said “look isn’t this great and turquoise is my favorite color.” I read the inscription on the mug that simply said “trust the process”. The light bulb came on, and I had the last point of my talk.

The last two years of my life have been full of incredible blessings. As I am able to reflect back one thing that I can see over and over again is when I sit back and do the work I need to take care of today everything in the future works out. This is not to say I do not have bumps in the road or tough days, but all I have to do is get through that day and not give up. Conversely when I try to force things to work just the way I want them to, they usually do not and in the process I get worked up, frustrated and stressed out about the situation.

At this very moment I feel that I am in a great deal of flux and uncertainty. What I know from the depth of my being is that if I handle what I need to today, and truly trust in the process of life, everything will be amazing. This gift I give, this gift I receive, and this gift you share is Life in action. Thank you Life!

Affirmation: At this moment I trust in the process of life. I will do my best right now so I can receive the best life has to offer.

Call to Action: You may be pickig up on a theme here in our writing. In our lives the need to let go of results in this moment is so important we need to continue to do the work to feel the releases that life offers. I hope you have followed us and began to trust more, fear less and live freer as a result. Take some time and give back this week, share with the CYLFriday community an instance when something in your life seemingly worked out amazingly well. Please also let us know why you trust the process moving forward from here. Your words will help us all trust a bit more.

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2 thoughts on “42. Double Down

  1. I just lost my job. Like, an hour ago. This is scary and I’m full of fear about money, insurance, etc. But, I’ve called those who are of support to me. I’m sitting in a safe space, waiting for my god to give me an intuitive thought as to my next move, the next right thing to do here, tonight. I am so grateful for today’s writing, as it is a sharp reminder, helping to clear the fog right now of self-pity and frustration. I am trusting (or trying to trust!) this process called life, on life’s terms– not my own. Thank you for bringing some quick clarity to me, in a moment of doubt and darkness.

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