13. Step to the Plate


“God gets you to the plate, but once you are there you’re on your own.”

-Ted Williams

Spring is officially here, which is easily my favorite season. Not only because of the weather, but every spring brings us a new baseball season. If you’re like me when you are watching the art of baseball everything just seems right in the world. The perfection displayed on a baseball diamond is a magnificent thing to witness.

Watching the game is one thing, participating is another.  I am writing this because a few days ago, not on the ball field but in the game of life, I was thrown a curveball. The end result was a big swing and a miss.  I immediately found myself irritated, frustrated and mad.  Why did I deserve this curveball?  I try to participate in life everyday and do my best to grow as a person at the same time embracing the the life I have been given.  I thought how dare I get this for my efforts?

After stepping back and reviewing the situation with some close friends of mine I realized that I was not unhappy with the curveball, I was unhappy with myself for not being prepared for it.  After all, is not life full of curveballs?  I would be naive to think that life is full of nothing but fastballs right down the middle of the plate.  Therefore I found myself asking why was I not prepared for the curve?

Upon a little more reflection I also realized that my life is full of fastballs right down the middle.  My problem had become that I was not embracing them as I had thought I was.  I was not swinging for the fences of life.   Today I will fully embrace the easy fastballs that life deals me and be aware to not take them for granted.  I will also prepare myself for that big sweeping curve that will someday come my way again.  With some simple practices of gratitude and humility I will fully participate in all aspects of my life.  With some action and practice no matter fastball or curveball I will always swing for the fences.

Affirmation:  I am ready and prepared for anything that comes my way today because in this moment I am whole, loved and supported.

Call to Action:  It is easy to see how an unplanned and unpredictable situation can really startle us in life but it really is through those times that we get a check as to how rightly we are living.  Have you had any curveballs thrown your way lately?  If so how did you adjust to get a better perspective on them?  Please share so that we all can follow your footsteps of growth and change.

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