Day 37 – 40 Days of Gratitude

Looking ahead…

For most of us this is going to be a full couple of days that culminates into our ultimate day of gratitude that we get to spend with family and friends.  The prayer has always been to build more and more gratitude so that we have nothing but gratitude to give on Thanksgiving.  I think this is just a slice of what I should be looking forward to in all of my days, from this point and beyond.  Very often when you ask someone their goals, they seem to be financial or material both of which are fine goals to have and certainly provide direction and structure to a life.  This process and season that we are in remind me that what I want is a life full of gratitude for the path I am on, the people that I relate to and the things that I have now.  So looking ahead I know that these daily practices are the simple things that will keep this goal a reality.

Today is a perfect day for me to continue to add to my tower of gratitude.

Gratitude list







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