Day 19 (40 Days of Gratitude)

I have been reminded the joy that celebrations bring watching Chicago celebrate today. We are surrounded with things to get excited about whether it is to be celebrated, a celebration of others, or watch an entire city celebrate; it is all happiness. What has been your most recent celebration? When we allow that joyful feeling to come from our heart, and spread to others it is truly a time to bask in gratitude.

Today I make time and opportunities to celebrate.

Gratitude List:

1 thought on “Day 19 (40 Days of Gratitude)

  1. I have made a New Year’s Resolution to treat someone at WaWa (East coast Circle K) once a week. It brings me more joy than it does to the people I treat. It is a mini celebration when I do this. I leave the store with a lighter heart and always in a better mood!

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