Day 9 (40 Days of Gratitude)


This past weekend I had the opportunity to spend a couple days at a camp ground with a group of friends. During this time, I was able to unplug and relax. We had time to laugh, meditate, and serve others. It was the opening needed in my busy life to observe how beautiful nature is, and allow that beauty and serenity to run through my veins. This morning I am overwhelmed with gratitude for Mother Nature. Thank You Life!

Today I will take time to stop and appreciate nature and the natural beauty in the world.

Gratitude List:

1 thought on “Day 9 (40 Days of Gratitude)

  1. Here in South Jersey the clouds have been beautiful. They have been huge, fluffy and low. It has been an amazing few days. Always take a moment each day to look at the sky. You will almost always see something to soothe your soul.

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