“it’s never too late to start over!”


This morning I am making a late post because I needed to start over!  I needed to take all that I had worked on before and let it go so that I could begin to create a new experience.  This was not my intention or my plan but as you read my words it is my reality.  I had to restart this blog today because the situations surrounding my creative mind were blocked by something more pressing and gripping that was drawing me to clear up before I moved forward.


So what is this event that has caused me to dump the old and start new?  My first call this morning from a client was accusatory, my second was from a worker who was lost, in a rush to go out into the world and meddle with everything and start the fixing process, I then locked my keys in my car.  I am not really sure how I did this since I have some sort of smart key that is not tasked to do such a thing but I suppose I need to be smarter than the key.  This morning I was not successful at that process.


So at first I react because the world so desperately needs me to fix it(false).  I need to get all of my work done quickly so I can screw off on a friday afternoon(false).  I will not be ok if my plans fall apart(false).  I am in control of my world and environment(false).


What I know to be true this morning is that the world will not fall apart because my plans have begun to get changed.  If I focus on this bad start I will never be able to have a triumphant finish.  So in this moment, still early in the day, I choose to start over and let go of the troubles that I found at my feet first thing this morning.


Affirmation It is my choice to release the past and start over.  In this moment I choose to start over.

Call to Action  What are you holding on to that is keeping you from a fresh start?

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